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Friday, October 20


International Agro-Ecology: Restoring Ecosystems and Local Economies

Two leaders in the field of agro-ecology vividly show how agriculture can be transformed into a powerful force to heal the biosphere, mitigate climate disruption and create prosperous local communities. With: Florence Reed, founder of Sustainable Harvest International, which helps thousands of farmers convert from destructive slash-and-burn farming to organic practices in Central America; Miguel Altieri, a professor in the Department of Environmental Sciences at UC Berkeley, one of the world’s leading experts in agro-ecology. Hosted by Arty Mangan, Director of Bioneers’ Restorative Food Systems Program.

Workshop Speakers
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Miguel Altieri

Miguel A. Altieri, a professor of Agroecology at UC Berkeley since 1980, is one of the founders of the Latin American Scientific Society of Agroecology and has written more than 250 scientific papers and 12 books. He lectures all over the world on how to use agroecology for the design... Read More →
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Arty Mangan

Arty Mangan, Bioneers' Restorative Food Systems Director, joined Bioneers in 1998 as Project Manager for the Restorative Development Initiative. A former board president of the Ecological Farming Association and member of the Santa Cruz GE Subcommittee, Arty has worked with farmers... Read More →
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Florence Reed

Florence Reed, a former Peace Corps Volunteer in Panama, founded Sustainable Harvest International (SHI) in 1997 and serves as its President. SHI’s mission is to stop deforestation and to preserve the environment by partnering with rural families in several Central American countries... Read More →

Friday October 20, 2017 2:45pm - 4:15pm
Larkspur Room


Soil for Life | Youth leadership
Capturing carbon from the atmosphere in soil can not only benefit plant growth and the fertility of the land, but it can be a major tool in the effort to mitigate climate change. Innovative farmers and ranchers are developing best practices that can be adapted to community landscapes and home gardens. In this hands-on workshop led by Aidan Ferris, Aaron Ableman, Michael White and Robin White we'll roll up our sleeves and learn how we can play a role in capturing carbon in our own backyards, schoolyards, or local parks.

Workshop Speakers
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Aaron Ableman

Aaron Ableman, an award-winning musician, artist, entrepreneur and author who has studied with indigenous elders, Oxford scholars and notable spiritual leaders, has worked with many luminaries, including: Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Michael Franti, Cypress Hill, Raffi, Joan Baez, Nahko... Read More →
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Aidan Ferris

Aidan Ferris, a passionate Phoenicia, New York-based climate change youth activist and leader, co-founded Earth Guardians NY (with Rachel Marco-Havens) and has traveled extensively to empower youth around the world to make a difference locally and globally. Aidan was a part of the... Read More →
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Robin White

Robin White is an ecological designer, permaculture educator, writer, artist, and event planner. She works as a design consultant with the University of Colorado at Boulder and is currently working on strategic design and planning for the building of net-zero villages. Robin... Read More →
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Michael White

Michael White (aka Mike Wird) is an advanced permaculture designer/consultant/teacher, artist, educator, natural builder, real estate investor promoting environmental stewardship. and hip hop MC. A certified Earthship Biotect, he teaches natural building and permaculture... Read More →

Friday October 20, 2017 2:45pm - 4:15pm
Youth Unity Center


Culinary Wellness Concert | Youth Leadership
In this unique interactive “Eco Hip Hop” performance/healthy foods workshop, we’ll explore plant-based nutrition, self-love, transformation, gardening, and sustainability with Denver’s extraordinary “conscious rappers,” raw vegan chefs, healers, organic gardeners, and educators—DJ Cavem and Alkemia Earth.

Workshop Speakers
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DJ Cavem

Ietef aka Dj Cavem, a Denver-based educator, MC, vegan/raw food chef, music producer, organic gardener, midwife, graffiti artist, “Bboy yogi,” award-winning environmental activist, founder of Going Green/Living Bling, and co-founder (with his wife and business partner, Alkemia... Read More →
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Alkemia Earth

Arasia “Alkemia” Earth is a Denver-based vegan/raw food chef, master in Usui Reiki, bio-therapist, yogini, organic gardener, educator, widely traveled speaker, and co-founder (with her husband and business partner, DJ Cavem) of Culinary Concerts. She is the creator of her own... Read More →

Friday October 20, 2017 4:30pm - 6:00pm
Exhibit Hall


Street Farms: Growing Food and Jobs in the City

How can new innovative types of urban farms produce healthy food, generate jobs, rebuild lives, and revitalize marginalized neighborhoods? Urban farming master Michael Ableman will share his experiences and guidance on how to develop vital urban farming initiatives in your community, and how to avoid the pitfalls that doom many projects. Michael is co-founder/Director of Sole Food Street Farms, the largest urban farm in North America in Downtown Eastside of Vancouver, the poorest zip code in Canada rife with addiction, HIV, prostitution and homelessness.

Workshop Speakers
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Michael Ableman

Michael Ableman, a farmer, author, photographer, and one of the pioneers of the organic farming and urban agriculture movements, is the founder of the Center for Urban Agriculture, Sole Food Street Farms, the Agrarian Elders, and the Center for Arts, Ecology and Agriculture. His most... Read More →

Friday October 20, 2017 4:30pm - 6:00pm
Larkspur Room
Saturday, October 21


Restoration Agriculture with Permaculture and Biomimicry

Mark Shepard, author of Restoration Agriculture: Real World Permaculture for Farmers, runs New Forest Farm, a rare example of a large-scale farm implementing Permaculture and Biomimicry principles. Mark will dramatically illustrate how he is “redesigning agriculture in nature’s image” by using Keyline design, earthworks, water management, silvo-pasture, alley cropping, and perennial polyculture agro-forestry to hydrate the land, build soil fertility, sequester carbon, and restore the vitality of the ecosystems in his care.

Workshop Speakers
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Mark Shepard

Mark Shepard, a certified Permaculture Designer with a background in mechanical engineering and ecology, is the CEO of Restoration Agriculture Development and Forest Agriculture Enterprises and runs New Forest Farms, a solar and wind powered 110-acre perennial, commercial-scale agricultural... Read More →

Saturday October 21, 2017 2:45pm - 4:15pm
Manzanita Room


From Plunder to Restoration: Re-Designing the Human-Ocean Relationship
Seafood accounts for nearly 20% of global protein, but our vast appetite and technical capabilities are rapidly shrinking biodiversity while collapsing fish stocks and the economies, livelihoods and cultures that depend on ocean health. On the other hand, systemic opportunities to solve these problems are rising up and being implemented around the world. Learn from leading experts about what is being done to transform our large scale hit-and-run relationship with the ocean to a restorative, inclusive, bountiful (and delicious) one. Hosted by Teo Grossman, Senior Director of Programs & Research, Bioneers. With: Bren Smith, Executive Director, Green Wave, pioneer of "3D Ocean Farming;" Marah Hardt, Research Director, Future of Fish.

Workshop Speakers
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Teo Grossman

Teo Grossman, Senior Director of Programs and Research at Bioneers, previously worked on a range of projects from federal range management to state-level assessments of long-range planning to applied research on topics including climate change adaptation, ecosystem services, biodiversity... Read More →
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Marah Hardt

Marah J Hardt, Ph.D., Research Director at Future of Fish, which works to create more sustainable, traceable seafood supply chains, is a scientist and storyteller who works at the crossroads of research, science, communication, and strategy. She is the author of Sex in the Sea, which... Read More →
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Bren Smith

Bren Smith, owner of Thimble Island Ocean Farm and Executive Director of GreenWave, a lifelong commercial fisherman since age 14, has pioneered "restorative 3D ocean farming" to restore ecosystems, mitigate climate change, create blue-green jobs for fishermen, and ensure healthy food... Read More →

Saturday October 21, 2017 4:30pm - 6:00pm
Manzanita Room


Seed Exchange
Seeds are our future. Share open-pollinated seeds to help conserve the living botanical treasure of biodiversity. Hosted by these expert seed savers: Occidental Arts and Ecology Center, Tesuque Pueblo Farm, Richmond Grows Seed Lending Library, The Living Seed Company and the Sustainable Seed CompanyRowen White of Sierra Seeds will lead the opening ceremony.

Saturday October 21, 2017 6:30pm - 7:30pm
Exhibit Hall
Sunday, October 22


Carbon Farming
Introduction by Guido Frosini, founder of True Grass Farms

Sequestering carbon from the atmosphere back into the soil is emerging as among the top biological strategies to radically mitigate climate disruption on large scales. It’s also a rapidly growing movement among farmers across the country, including in conservative communities – because it IS conservative… of the land and soil. John and Calla Rose are visionary leaders of the Marin Carbon Project, a gold standard of carbon farming research demonstrations. John is co-owner (with his wife Peggy Rathmann) of the Nicasio Native Grass Ranch. Calla Rose, former Fellow with the Rocky Mountain Institute, has led policy and climate action programs with Aspen, CO and San Francisco, CA, and is a leading advocate for and expert on agricultural carbon sequestration.

Workshop Speakers
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Guido Frosini

Guido Frosini founded True Grass Farms (based on the motto of “Food, Ecology, Culture”) in Marin County 6 years ago on land that has been in his family since 1867. He seeks to be not just an exemplary, socially/ecologically conscious rancher but also to educate the public about... Read More →

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Calla Rose Ostrander

California Carbon Campaign
Calla Rose Ostrander, a strategic advisor/consultant/activist, works with leaders in California and the western U.S. to help re-balance the planet’s carbon cycle. Prior to her work with the California Carbon Campaign, she worked for 10 years in municipal climate policy for the cities... Read More →
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John Wick

Marin Carbon Project
John Wick, co-owner with his wife, Peggy Rathmann, of the Nicasio Native Grass Ranch, an exemplary eco-conscious enterprise, is co-founder of and tireless spokesperson for the cutting-edge Marin Carbon Project, which seeks to enhance carbon sequestration in rangeland, agricultural... Read More →

Sunday October 22, 2017 11:54am - 12:18pm
Veteran’s Memorial Auditorium (VMA)


Women and Regenerative Design in Challenging Times

There have been prominent women in the Permaculture and sustainability movements, but there are still barriers to full participation by women, Indigenous people and other often disenfranchised frontline communities. How can the sustainability movement become more inclusive and better support struggles for human rights and social justice in these trying times? An interactive panel with: Starhawk, Marisha Auerbach, Wanda Stewart, Pandora Thomas, Delia Carroll, Maya Blow, Karen Taylor and Jasmine Fuego.


Workshop Speakers
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Marisha Auerbach

Marisha Auerbach is a Portland, OR-based, internationally recognized permaculture educator and designer, and an avid gardener and herbalist specializing in food production, ecology, and useful plants. She has lived and practiced permaculture extensively in both urban and rural environments... Read More →
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Maya Blow

Maya Blow, an herbalist and classical homeopath practicing at the Emeryville Health and Wellness Center, is owner of Soul Flower Farm (producing organic fruits, vegetables, medicinal herbs, honey, eggs and milk) and directs the Soul Flower Farm School of Earth Medicine, Herbal Studies... Read More →
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Delia Carroll

Delia Carroll, a lifelong resident of the Bay Area dedicated to bringing forth a balanced and integrated approach to the art and practice of Permaculture, is a founding member of the 13 Moon CoLab, a co organizer of the West Coast Women’s Permaculture Gatherings and curates the... Read More →
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Jasmine Fuego

Jasmine Fuego, a Bay Area-based youth educator, singer, dancer, and “ARTivist,” is the co-founder of the arts and ecology-bridging Permaculture Action Network. Her music blends soul, pop, folk, and conscious hip-hop to create a genre she calls soul-pop, and her educational efforts... Read More →
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Starhawk, author or coauthor of 13 books on earth-based spirituality and activism, including the classics The Spiral Dance, The Empowerment Manual: A Guide for Collaborative Groups, and the visionary novels The Fifth Sacred Thing and City of Refuge, directs Earth Activist Trainings... Read More →
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Wanda Stewart

Wanda Stewart is a renowned urban farmer, educator and leader in the movement to educate and inspire urban dwellers, especially African Americans, to grow their own food and communities. Drawing from her conviction that the skills to grow food and medicine, maintain a healthy being... Read More →
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Karen Taylor

Karen Taylor, introduced to Permaculture Design 20 years ago, has been practicing, designing and teaching it ever since, focusing on community building, water and waste systems and healthy natural living. She transplanted to southern Oregon in 2009 and co-founded Siskiyou Permaculture... Read More →
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Pandora Thomas

Pandora Thomas, a designer, teacher and facilitator at several Permaculture and ecological design schools and programs, has lived in a dozen countries and has 25+ years’ experience in ecological design. Co-founder of the Black Permaculture Network, Pandora, a passionate global citizen... Read More →

Sunday October 22, 2017 4:30pm - 6:00pm
Women's Leadership Tent