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Friday, October 20

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Natural Building & Ecological Design Principles-Build a Teeny Tiny House! Hands On Workshop SpaceBrennan Bird Digital Inclusivity and Urban Resilience in the Global South Sausalito RoomVictor Pineda • Alex Ghenis • Jake Johnson • Anirudh Koul • James Thurston Mobilizing Design, Technology & Science Communities Manzanita RoomEmily Jacobi • Deborah Moore • Raphael Sperry Earth Connection Herb Walk with Kami McBride Meet at Bioneers Info Booth near the Central LawnKami McBride International Agro-Ecology: Restoring Ecosystems and Local Economies Larkspur RoomMiguel Altieri • Arty Mangan • Florence Reed Soil for Life | Youth leadership Youth Unity CenterAaron Ableman • Aidan Ferris • Michael White • Robin White Rights of Nature: Codifying Indigenous Worldviews into Law to Protect Biodiversity | Indigenous Forum Indigenous ForumKandi Mossett • Kealoha • Tom Goldtooth • Leila Salazar-Lopez • Tony Skrelunas • Maui Solomon Radical Organizing: Successful Strategies to Transform Institutions and Systems Showcase TheaterSaru Jayaraman • Sonali Sangeeta Balajee • Jeremy Haile • Taj James Restorative Justice in Action: Toward a Restorative Society Santa Rosa RoomJulia Arroyo • Rose Elizondo • Jerry Elster • Garry Malachi Scott Working With Difference: Practices for Cultivating Change Women's Leadership TentMohamad Chakaki • Samara Gaev • Ginny McGinn Language But No Words | Council Council CircleKate Lipkis • Irasha Pearl Talifero What Humans Need to Learn from the Natural World Veteran’s Memorial Auditorium (VMA)Carl Safina • Suzanne Simard • Brock Dolman Community of Mentors Community of MentorsDave Hage • Lauren Dalberth Hage • Kupuna M. Kalani Souza

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