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Natural Building & Ecological Design Principles-Build a Teeny Tiny House! Hands On Workshop SpaceBrennan Bird Digital Inclusivity and Urban Resilience in the Global South Sausalito RoomVictor Pineda • Alex Ghenis • Jake Johnson • Anirudh Koul • James Thurston Mobilizing Design, Technology & Science Communities Manzanita RoomEmily Jacobi • Deborah Moore • Raphael Sperry Earth Connection Herb Walk with Kami McBride Meet at Bioneers Info Booth near the Central LawnKami McBride International Agro-Ecology: Restoring Ecosystems and Local Economies Larkspur RoomMiguel Altieri • Arty Mangan • Florence Reed Soil for Life | Youth leadership Youth Unity CenterAaron Ableman • Aidan Ferris • Michael White • Robin White Rights of Nature: Codifying Indigenous Worldviews into Law to Protect Biodiversity | Indigenous Forum Indigenous ForumKandi Mossett • Kealoha • Tom Goldtooth • Leila Salazar-Lopez • Tony Skrelunas • Maui Solomon Radical Organizing: Successful Strategies to Transform Institutions and Systems Showcase TheaterSaru Jayaraman • Sonali Sangeeta Balajee • Jeremy Haile • Taj James Restorative Justice in Action: Toward a Restorative Society Santa Rosa RoomJulia Arroyo • Rose Elizondo • Jerry Elster • Garry Malachi Scott Working With Difference: Practices for Cultivating Change Women's Leadership TentMohamad Chakaki • Samara Gaev • Ginny McGinn Language But No Words | Council Council CircleKate Lipkis • Irasha Pearl Talifero What Humans Need to Learn from the Natural World Veteran’s Memorial Auditorium (VMA)Carl Safina • Suzanne Simard • Brock Dolman Community of Mentors Community of MentorsDave Hage • Lauren Dalberth Hage • Kupuna M. Kalani Souza

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Saturday, October 21

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All About Chocolate Hands On Workshop SpaceJonas Ketterle Community of Mentors Community of MentorsMichael Ableman • Dave Hage • Lauren Dalberth Hage Mobile Digital Privacy and Security for Activists (and Everyone) Exhibit Hallleez The Clean Money Revolution Sausalito RoomKevin Bayuk • Katherine Collins • Vince Siciliano • Joel Solomon How Young Entrepreneurs Can Help Lead Social Change | Youth Leadership Youth Unity CenteraManda Greene • Stephanie Maldonado • Trang Tran What Value Emotions? Toward Human, Social & Political Healing Larkspur RoomArlie Russell Hochschild • Karla McLaren • Ayana Young Walking Transformation: The World We Want, and How to Walk There Meet at Bioneers Info Booth near the Central LawnRussell Munsell • Suki Munsell Environmental Literacy for All Santa Rosa RoomCarl Anthony • Juanita Chan • Jose Flores • M. Paloma Pavel • Raquel Pinderhughes • Craig Strang Restoration Agriculture with Permaculture and Biomimicry Manzanita RoomMark Shepard Genocide and Survivance: Calling for Truth and Recognition in California | Indigenous Forum Indigenous ForumLoren Bommelyn • Corrina Gould • Valentin Lopez • Marshall McKay • Vincent Medina Justice is What Love Looks Like in Public | Council Council CircleKate Lipkis • Irasha Pearl Talifero Living Room Conversations: Using Open-Minded Dialogue to Transform Our World Tiburon RoomJoan Blades Ayahuasca in the 21st Century Showcase TheaterJeremy Narby • J.P. Harpignies • Rachel Harris • Eda Elsa Zavala Lopez • Sitaramaya Sita Leading with Nature’s Guidance: Finding Insight and Clarity in Nature Women's Leadership TentPolly Howells • Trebbe Johnson A Truly Inclusive, Women-Led Movement: What’s Needed Next? Veteran’s Memorial Auditorium (VMA)Anneke Campbell • Kate Kendell • Alnoor Ladha • Betsy McKinney • Lateefah Simon

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Democracy, Free Speech and Media | World Café World CaféAmy Lenzo • Denis Moynihan • David Shaw Relief, Recovery and Rebuilding in the North Bay & North Coast The Dome at The Bioneers ConferenceErin Axelrod • Brock Dolman • Trathen Heckman Narrative Healing: Restoring the World Through Storytelling | Indigenous Forum Indigenous ForumCalvin Hedrick • Dean Hoaglin • L Frank Manriquez • Cara Romero Art, Politics, Spirit: Braided Activism for Culture Shift Santa Rosa RoomLulani Arquette • Arlene Goldbard • Rosa González • Cynthia Tom The Peace of Wild Things | Council Council CircleKate Lipkis • Irasha Pearl Talifero Poetry Slam—Words Matter | Youth Leadership Youth Unity Center The New Laboratories of Democracy - Building a Progressive Agenda beyond the Trump Era Showcase TheaterTed Howard • Repa Mekha • Patricia Farrar Rivas Breakthroughs in Global Regenerative Design: Implementing Solutions for the Earth and People Larkspur RoomErin English • Joel Glanzberg Embodied Restoration: Rebalancing the Sacred Masculine and Feminine Women's Leadership TentClare Dubois From Plunder to Restoration: Re-Designing the Human-Ocean Relationship Manzanita RoomTeo Grossman • Marah Hardt • Bren Smith Finding The Lost City of the Monkey God Sausalito RoomBill Benenson • Steve Elkins • Douglas Preston Fighting for the Pillars of Democracy: Independent Media and an Open Internet Veteran’s Memorial Auditorium (VMA)Cory Doctorow • Joshua Fouts • Amy Goodman • Danny O'Brien

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Sunday, October 22

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Community of Mentors Community of MentorsNina Simons • Dave Hage • Lauren Dalberth Hage Permaculture Meetup: Cross Pollination, Collaboration and Integration | World Café World CaféStarhawk • Joel Glanzberg • Amy Lenzo • David Shaw • Pandora Thomas Changing the Landscape of Power: Clean Energy and Democracy Veteran’s Memorial Auditorium (VMA)Thomas Van Dyck • Mariel Nanasi • Sarah Shanley Hope • Marco Krapels Building Large-Scale Land Conservation and Sustainable Development Coalitions Showcase TheaterJody Holmes • Deon Ben • Henry Izumizaki • Jason Mark Revolutionizing Education: How to Cultivate Social and Emotional Intelligence, Mindfulness, and Cultural Responsiveness in Schools Santa Rosa RoomKate Lipkis • Scott VanLoo • Laura Weaver Cities, States, Regions and Civil Society Leading on Climate Change Sausalito RoomAmanda Brown-Stevens • Teo Grossman • Alexa Kleysteuber • Andy Lipkis Pacific Connections: Indigenous Approaches to Climate Change from Qik'rtaq (Kodiak) to Hawaiʻi, and Aoteoroa (New Zealand) | Indigenous Forum Indigenous ForumAlexis Bunten • Sven Haakanson, Jr. • Maui Solomon • Kupuna M. Kalani Souza It Takes Roots to Build Resistance: Effective Movement Building in Action Larkspur RoomKandi Mossett • Angela Adrar • Dawn Phillips • Cindy Wiesner Reclaiming Belonging: Is Resistance Enough? Manzanita RoomHeather McGhee • john a. powell • Connie Heller • Jonathan Smucker Living in a New Way | Council Council CircleIrasha Pearl Talifero Cultivating Women's Leadership (CWL) Gathering on Sunday Women's Leadership TentNina Simons Open Mic | Youth Leadership Youth Unity Center

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Monday, October 23

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